How To Arrive

• By Car: If you are coming from Palermo airport please follow the indications for Palermo-Messina(A20) until you reach Buonfornello and from here take highway A20, direction Messina. There will be an exit for Cefalu after approximately 70km, and when you are off the highway just follow the indications for Cefalù.

If you are coming from Messina, please take highway A20, direction Palermo. This highway was built recently, and after approximately 160km there will be an exit for Cefalù.

If you arrive to Catania Airport please follow highway A19, and after approximately 160km there will be an exit for Messina/Cefalù and highway A20. Shortly after this there will be another exit for Cefalù, and from here you just follow the indications for Cefalù.

• Airport transfer: If you are arriving to Palermo or Catania airport without a car we can organize airport transfer for you, both on arrival and departure. If you want to book an airport transfer, please send an e-mail.

• By Train: There is a train station in Cefalù, located in the town center. If you arrive to the train station, please take to the right and follow this street until you reach a crossing with a small gas station. Please cross the road and continue straight on. After 50m you will reach Piazza Garibaldi, and from here you keep going straight on the street Corso Ruggero. Now you are in the heart of the old town center.

To travel by train in Italy is very easy, and at the station in Cefalù there is a desk where you can buy tickets and a self service machine. For current time tables, please visit